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Koala DJs History:
In summer 2008, 4 years after disbanding, Koala project announced their resurrection in the very first line-up: Anatoliy Vorontsov (Vorontsov) and Konstantin Lyubimov (DJ Electric). During such a lengthy break each member of the project gained certain experience, inspiration and new ideas, which provided a reason to continue the project’s history.

The new version of the outstandingly received summer hit “Imagine” was the first striking release after the band returned to creative work.

“Imagine” by Koala was released in May 2004 on a British Cuba Recordings label, instantly becoming a world dj-chart hit and mounting then young project to European fame. “IMAGINE”, having been written during a single night in August 2003, remained unknown to public for 9 months, and then launched history of the new project on world dance scene.

Four days after “IMAGINE” was presented by DJ Fonar on radio Dinamit FM, it became official anthem of Kazantip Republic 2004, and could be heard dozens of times every night on various festival dancefloors. Moscow record-stores announced active sales of eighth Cuba Recordings release - “Imagine” by Koala, and Kazantip anthem started making its way to track lists not only of the European, but also finally Russian DJs, who were often unaware that authors of the hit were their fellow countrymen.

Within 3 months Koala - “Imagine” received many flattering reviews from most significant club musicians – Paul Van Dyk, Jerry Bonham, Matt Hardwick, Flash Brothers, Sonny Warthon, C.O.F., Stuart Duncat, Marc Roberts, Plastic Fantastic, DJ Shields, Ben Lost & James Grant, D:Fuse, Andy Durrant, Satoshi Tomiie, Tim Davis, DJ Fonar, DJ Kolya, DJ Grad and other trustworthy persons. On July 28, 2004, according to authoritative INTERNET DJ portal, Koala - “Imagine” hit #2 in Ibiza 2004 Top 5.

New “IMAGINE 2008” sounds as relevant as ever.
New track, which already promises to become a principal Russian release of the season, miraculously comprises new fresh sound, widely anticipated melodiousness and easiness than are going to become an excellent soundtrack to summer vacation.

There is no doubt that “Imagine 2008” is going to become the main hit of this summer. It has already been estimated at its true worth by potential citizens of Orange Republic [Z:16]. High estimates, praising reviews and currently growing number of downloads of the new hit brought “Imagine 2008” to become (and it was well deserved) the official Anthem of the 16th Kazantip Republic festival.

Even if you haven’t yet had time to enjoy moving sound of the new old hit, you will have more than one chance to do it directly on the Crimean shore, on many of Kazantip’s dance floors. On “Mars”, on “Medusa”, on “Inside” and on “Euro”, and in other point of Orange land of total Happiness “IMAGINE 2008” will accompany you through all 36 days of the festival, from 26 July to 30 August.

Summer music celebration is about to begin.
Just imagine…

DJ Mag: "Koala - Imagine" - 5/5

Koala guys performed as a deejays back to back with John Digweed, Luke Fair, Jimmy Van M, Anthony Pappa, Marco V, Tall Pall, Different Gear etc.


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